Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our Recruitment process outsourcing service or RPO service will allow you to extend your recruitment team as per your need. Whether you have requirement of one or two recruiters or you need a whole team, our customizable as well as scalable RPO service allows you to hire accordingly. Best part is, Sittellas never ask to do long term agreement, which gives you freedom to work according to your need.

Scalable Any Time.

Offshore Recruiters on Demand

With our Offshore Recruiter service, you can customize and extend your recruitment team easily. Each of our recruiter will work in coordination with your recruitment team to fulfill your recruitment needs and achieve your bigger goal in very less price. You will get complete flexibility and work according to your need without any longer commitment.

Smartly Screened Candidate.

Offshore Sourcing Service

Our offshore sourcing service gives you freedom to submit candidate to your end client as per of your choice. Our sourcing specialist will screen the quality resume as per the matching profile and will send you qualified resumes. This will concise your work and save your time.

Flexible & Customizable.

Offshore Research Specialist

Our Research specialist can be backbone of your recruitment team as well as marketing team. In recruitment process, our research specialist can help to find and screen best talent for the open position and will send you quality resume which will save your team’s time in find good candidate. While in marketing process, they can research for the potential client and find their contact details and will share it with your marketing team.

Why choose Us

We follow a unique approach to ensure success for both, Organization and the candidate. Being leading recruitment service provider, we have served globally without compromising the quality. You can choose your own dedicated recruiter who will work dedicatedly for you and will be aligned to your bigger goal.

What we are equipped with

From experienced recruiter to various job boards, you will get everything to hire the best talent for an organization. Our recruiters take all the necessary steps to screen the candidate and submit the best candidate for the job position without wasting the time.

What you get

With every offshore recruiter service, you will get experienced recruiter along with access of various top-notch job boards like Career Builder, Monster, Dice, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, Net-Temps, Ladders, Job Circle, Indeed, and many others. With a combination of intelligent technology and passionate recruiter, you will get best candidate to hire.

Benefits of Using Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service

  • No pay roll expense.
  • No need to pay for extra benefits.
  • No need of office space to accommodate the recruiter.
  • Easy access to major resume databases.
  • No commitments or long term contracts.
  • Provide hiring officials with technically matching candidates.
  • Save money by eliminating the need to evaluate and pay for costly job boards.
  • Recruiters will source for all open positions.
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